band1 W2S2 [bænd] n
[Sense: 1-2; Date: 1400-1500; : French; Origin: bande 'group of people']
[Sense: 3-6; Date: 1400-1500; : French; Origin: bande 'flat strip, edge, side']
1.) [also + plural verb] BrE
a group of musicians, especially a group that plays popular music
→↑big band, brass band, marching band, one-man band
I grew up playing in rock bands .
The band was playing old Beatles songs.
Smith joined the band in 1989.
They formed a band when they were still at school.
The entertainment includes a disco and live band .
interviews with band members
2.) a group of people formed because of a common belief or purpose
band of
a small band of volunteers
bands of soldiers
3.) a range of numbers within a system
Interest rates stayed within a relatively narrow band.
age/tax/income etc band
people within the $20,000-$30,000 income band
4.) a flat, narrow piece of something with one end joined to the other to form a circle
papers held together with a rubber band
a slim gold band on her finger
5.) a narrow area of light, colour, land etc that is different from the areas around it
The birds have a distinctive blue band round their eyes.
band of
a thin band of cloud
6.) technical a range of radio signals
COLLOCATES for sense 1
play in a band (=be a musician in a band)
the band plays something (=the musicians play music)
join a band
form a band
rock/pop/jazz etc band
live band (=a band playing live music, not recorded music)
band member
band leader
band 2
band2 v [T usually passive]
BrE to put people or things into different groups, usually according to income, value, or price
After valuation, properties will be banded in groups of £20,000 or more.
band together phr v
if people band together, they unite in order to achieve something
Local people have banded together to fight the company's plans.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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